Project Description

  • Project Name: Nakheel Al-Awaja – Daraya
  • Owner: Private
  • Location: North Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Area: 106308 M2
  • YAC Architectural Construction Office / Urban and Architectural Design
  • Cost: 105 million Saudi riyals

About the project:

The project is located in Daraya, north of Riyadh, and was designed and

implemented in the old Najdi style with its distinctive vocabulary, rooting for

the Saudi style, enriching culture and preserving the heritage.

The project consists of:

Family Villa 4000 m2

Main Council Building 2500 m2

Visitors Council Building 2000 m2

Mosque 1200 m2

Tent (1) 400 m2

Tent (2) 300 m2

Main kitchen 350 m2

Main entrance gate 600 m2

Family Entrance Gate 250 m2

Guard building, escorts and drivers 500 m2