Architectural Designs


Architectural design is a technical, scientific process for creating space spaces that comply with the community’s requirements, such as housing, work, relaxation, healing, etc., to produce buildings and spaces adapted to their surrounding environment, climatically, culturally and environmentally, while containing temporal variables and their current and future repercussions.

Our mission in architectural design is to

  • Responding to the customer’s current design requirements and developing them in the future.
  • Understand and respond to the social, economic and environmental impact of the project.
  • Our passion is to create a distinctive environment that combines function and composition in a sophisticated aesthetic framework.

Where the architectural design services for the project are provided, including the following:

  • Environmental study of the project.
  • General Site
  • The horizontal projections of each floor, including the types of finishes in light of the nature of use and its requirements.
  • Three-dimensional design of the project, interior and exterior, showing the colours, materials and exterior wall cladding.
  •  The facades and sectors of the building include facade finishing materials.
    Garden landscaping.
  •  Interior design of the main spaces, including the distribution of interior furniture and necessary details.


  • Design and details of doors and windows according to the model chosen.
  • Design and details of stairs and balustrades.
  • Design and details of gypsum suspended ceilings, aluminum strips or tiles.
  • Flooring design and details (marble – granite – porcelain – carpet).