Floors of the Cairo Cycling Stadium


  • Project name: Stereoscopic garden project
  • Owner: Saudi Falcon Company
  •  Location: Saudi Arabia – Jeddah
  • Area: 75000 m2
  • YAC Architectural Construction Office: Urban and Architectural Design
  • Cost: 244 million Saudi riyals only

About the project :

The site is in the center of the city of Jeddah, as it is located in the Bani

Malik neighborhood and at the intersection of two main streets, which

facilitates movement to and from the project

The Models Park project in Jeddah deals with the Arab and international

cultural and heritage aspects, in addition to the religious aspect, to be a

distinctive sign documenting the civilization of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

at the level of the Gulf and the Arab world.

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The stands of the Suez Canal Authority stadium


  • Project name: Design works for a hotel project (500 rooms).
  • Owner: Sheikh Hamed Al-Thubaiti
  •  Location: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia _ Mecca

Project Coordinates:

Area: 1700 m 2 * 17 recurring

 YAC Architectural Construction Office / Engineering Design Works

 Cost: 80 million Saudi riyals only

About the project :

The project is located in Saudi Arabia – Mecca – Rea Zaher Road

– Mahalla – Al-Maabdah

It consists of a hotel (basement + ground + mezzanine + two floors

parking+ service floor + 11 floors)

with a total number of housing units of 500 housing units

The project is divided into:

Basement, first and second: (car parking + stores + garbage collection + security rooms + bathrooms)
Ground: (bedrooms + bathrooms)
Mezzanine: (distribution halls + Arabic session + administrative offices + security rooms + shops + reception hall + locker room)
Transfer houses: (men’s hall + women’s hall + men’s and women’s wedding halls + bathrooms + men’s and women’s prayer hall)
The role of services: (laundry + electric room + garbage + bathrooms + workers restaurants + stores + bedrooms + meeting room + sauna rooms)
The role of the restaurant: (family restaurant + open buffet + cashier + administration + bathrooms + stores + main kitchen + electricity room + children’s area)
Recurring role: (bedrooms + bathrooms)

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