Sanitary amp Fire-Fighting Designs

Sanitary & Fire-Fighting Designs

Here we offer the following:

1- Calculate the building’s requirements of domestic water and firefighting water according to the code.

2- Preparing design drawings for the internal water supply (hot and cold) and even water riser feeding of the building.

3- Preparing the design drawings for the sanitary equipment drainage and ventilation system, up to the drainage riser.

4- Preparing design drawings for the rain drainage system for the roof of the building and the drainage of air conditioning equipment.

5- Design works for water and fire tanks.

6- Design works for sewage drains.

7-Preparing design drawings for riser water, including feeding, fire and network.

8-Preparing details for sewage and water feeding design.

9-Diagram of feeding water (cold & hot water ).

10-Preparing the design drawings of the fire network.

11-Feeding diagram for firefighting network work.

12- Preparing technical specifications for previous works, special technical specifications, bills of quantities.