Projects’ Site Studies

We provide our professional services by leading site studies, including:

Survey, Soil Analyses & Environmental impact assessment

Measuring dimensions of plot, levels, defining directions (North-South-East-West) and exploring Region, Roads, Facilities and infrastructure using Recent surveying equipment and techniques.


Urban planning and Urban design

YAC  has provided professional planning services to customers since 1996, as an expert on master planning, structural planning, urban design, transportation planning, division and development of lands from sub-divisions to new cities, and design of internal and external roads networks.


Engineering designs (Architectural – Structural – Electrical – Mechanical)

Innovators in architectural design and in other engineering disciplines, where integrated engineering   studies for projects are presented, starting with the initial idea as the nucleus of the project, which depends on an analytical vision of the project’s elements to develop contemporary solutions that comply with functional and aesthetic requirements


Building Information Modeling BIM.

We have BIM design technology for projects as an element with physical, mechanical and electrical properties, which allows a direct transformation between design and simulation, and engineering results and implementation plans on the other hand.

Urban planning and Urban design.

Decoration and interior design

YAC we provide creative service on interior design & decor, since we understand internal requirements and the spatial orientation with considering:

Compatibility with customers’ style, requirements and providing the highest grade of convenience for users.

The best use of the interior space.


Landscape and Hardscape

YAC services include landscaping and site coordination to achieve aesthetic values, where the presence of plants and trees is an important factor in combating environmental pollution and absorbing maddening gases from the atmosphere, trees and plants reduce noise by absorbing high sound waves.

دراسات الجدوي

Feasibility study

YAC provides feasibility study for projects as a one of the most important stages that must be started to establish the project. The importance of the feasibility study comes from being a way to help investors and entrepreneurs to accept or reject any project based on decisions and conclusions

Urban planning and Urban design.

Project’s supervision

YAC set a methodology of projects’ supervision in accordance to Engineering standards and international codes of the project’s supervision staff for accredited consulting engineers, explaining the duties and powers of each member of the supervisory staff.

service -permit

Building permits

YAC is accredited by Egyptian Engineers Syndicate as a multidisciplinary consulting engineering bureau, we provide issuing new building licenses services for projects, starting with obtaining the statement of validity, preparing license folder, obtaining a certificate of validity of licensing works, approval by Esurance civil liability ( and issuing the insurance policy.

ادارة المشروعات

Project management

Our project management services are distinguished in planning, implementation, follow-up and termination of the project during the following stages:

The first stage: Project start

The objective of the project, the required outputs, the time schedule and the resources needed to implement the project are initially determined, and the project manager is determined.

Service design_build

Design – Built

YAC services includes Design-Built service, which is an alternative way to construct a project in which the design and construction services are contracted by one party, and this mechanism has many advantages including:

  • Cost savings, where dealing with one party is more efficient and less effort

Real Estate development

Depending on Our experience on projects we have a Real Estate development services by sharing our customers on their investments, we present our Engineering services versus units / percentage on the projects which become win win situation.