Project Management

Our Project Management Services are Distinguished in Planning, Implementation, Follow-up and Termination of The Project During the Following Stages:

The First Stage: Project Start

The Objective of the Project, The Required Outputs, The Time Schedule and The Resources Needed to Implement the Project are Initially Determined, and the Project Manager is Determined.

The Second Stage: Project Planning

The Detailed Project Cost as Well as the Project Schedule, Contracts and All Information Related to the Project are Accurately Determined and the Cash flow is Calculated.

The Project Manager at That Stage Determines those Responsible for the Project and Distributes Tasks Among Them, as Well as Identifying the Risks and Challenges that May Face the Project and Making a Plan to Address Them.

The Third Stage: Project Execution

Project Activities are Carried out According to the Established plan.

The Fourth Stage: Follow Up and Control

This Stage Includes Following up on the Implementation of the Project and Ensuring that it is Implemented in Accordance with the Set Plan, as Well as Applying Corrective Measures in the Event of the Occurrence or Expectation of any Event that Would Disrupt the Project or Negatively Affect it, and Monitor and Control Quality.

Fifth Stage: Project Finish

All Activities or Transactions Related to The Project Shall be Terminated and the Entire Project Shall be Handed Over to the Competent Authority.