We provide our professional services by leading site studies, including:


Measuring dimensions of plot, levels, defining directions (North-South-East-West) and exploring Region, Roads, Facilities and infrastructure using Recent surveying equipment and techniques.

Soil Analyses:

Starting with soil report to get soil loading and specifications Before starting Design scope of work, which is necessary for foundation, and finest ways to support the excavation’s edges, also the precautions and recommendations must be adhered during construction, and selecting appropriate materials for project.

Environmental impact assessment:

– Site Studies and the environmental suitability of the project and neighboring activities

The impact of the project on economic and social development.

The effects of establishing the project in the short and long term.

Availability of the project infrastructure. 

YAC target is improving quality of life by producing distinguished projects that comply with sustainability values and the requirements of a promising future by providing projects’ planning and development services to advance life and safety standards